Friday, December 17, 2010


So I have been BUSY unpacking, painting, working, and then, um, working some more. Baking, eating, and drinking a ton of coffee.  Life is good.

I have decided to focus my blog a little more.  If you look I added a tagline- Just a girl having fun in Texas.  I am going to attempt to focus the posts on my blog to my fun grandiose adventures here in Texas.  For example, I went to Holy Cacoa and it was SUPER YUMMY! And I didn't write about it, but I should have.  So I am going to- well, not today. But I am starting fresh....what about pictures of the house? Hmmm, well, I haven't downloaded pictures (YET)....but I will.  And soon you will be able to read all about my misadventures of owning a home and doing projects, and such on a whole other blog....and it has a really cute name: Barbee Dream House....catchy, huh? As soon as it is ready to go I will write a post and have a link.  In the meantime, may your days be merry and bright.

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