Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Turkey soon...

So I know Thanksgiving is about two months away, but I am so excited....I am hosting Thanksgiving this year!!! My in-laws, my step-kids, and my parents are coming for the event and I couldn't be happier. I have already been badgered about meal time's a sample:
Q: What do I stuff the turkey with?
A: Onions and fruit.
Q: What kind of rolls?
A: Biscuits, I live in the South now
Q: We're having mashed potatoes, right?
A: Maybe.  My kiddos don't eat mashed potatoes, so I am thinking about baking red potatoes and serving either baked reds or smashed red potatoes.  (The differences between mashed and smashed potatoes is the skin, the stay on for smashed potatoes)
Q: What kind of pie?
A: Pecan pie. I am going to buy one from Bill Miller's BBQ, they're delicious
Q: What?!?!?! Not homemade
A: Not homemade.
Mom responds: We'll see about that....
I know its soooooo early, but I found the cutest table decor that doubles as a snack and thought I should share.  Check out the website for details- YUM!


  1. So so excited for the holidays!! I think we're hosting this year as well, in our tiny little apartment, but from this tiny little apartment great things will emerge! :) Have fun planning!

  2. Ah, that's great news....I wish you the best of luck getting everything ready for the holidays! Miss ya and love ya!!!!

  3. I have an AWESOME (and easy) roasted red potatoes recipe (and a pecan pie recipe) if you want. :)