Monday, September 27, 2010


I am currently obsessed with YoungHouseLove ....I get their updates via email and I am constantly  searching their DIY section.  This site has inspired some great new projects around the Barbee house, and I would like to share two with you today:

A framed "B" monogram.  I found the monogram for free on the web (the copyright expired, it was created circa 1895), I printed it on regular white paper, then dyed it with tea bags, cut it out and framed it....viola! Pretty and personalized.  (I was inspired by this post to make a monogram)

I also dyed a white shirt purple....when I realized I never wear it because I feel like its going to get dirty/stained.  The shirt said "Do not dye" but I did it anyways....Its not perfect, but it now has a bohemian vintage vibe I'm digging at the moment....(I was inspired by this post)


  1. i LOVE YHL! i kid of want to buy their house now that it's for sale...

  2. I know, its super cute, but that means you would be in Virginia.....I selfishly would like you closer than that!