Monday, July 12, 2010

Ugly Dresses

When I go clothes shopping my Gram's wisdom always pops into my head, "Try it on.  It might look ugly on the rack but good on you."  Well, its hard not to judge clothes based on what they look like, but on more than one occasion my Gram's was right.

Story #1- While shopping in Salzburg, Austria (2006) April, Wendy, and I ran across a great jacket sale at H&M.  While on our way to the dressing room we saw the most hideous jungle printed dress.  We actually snickered at the ugliness of it and I offered to try it on for a laugh.  I came out of the dressing room and low & behold it looked good.  So good in fact I bought it and still have it in my closet.

Story #2- While shopping in Houston with Wendy we went through a store and saw the most hideous dresses on the clearance rack and could not resist teasing April with a few potential dress concepts for Wendy's wedding.  So she selected a mummy dress and a super revealing, low-cut dress.  I tried them on and Wendy told me the joke wasn't funny anymore because the dresses actually looked good. In all defense of the mummy dress, it was extremely well made! with a built in bra and the moral of the story is try on stuff in stores- You might be surprised! Oh yes, and don't judge a book by its cover (unless it has Fabio on it...then judge away!)

Story #3- (Updated July 22, 2010) OK- I lied, sometimes there are dresses that might look pretty on the rack, but look awful in point...a potential bridesmaid dress gone awry.  


  1. You look so cute in that dress! Definitely a good buy!

  2. It is so not fair anymore! :)