Thursday, July 8, 2010

Back home in Texas

California was so much fun....I did pretty much all I set out to do while visiting: I hung out with my family & friends, went to my cousin's wedding, became a rock hound in search of tourmaline, tested the theory of a sewing gene (I believe it may exist, but I definitely need more practice), read, swam....ate!!!! (A special thanks to my Mom for all the delicious food you cooked for me!)  I was exhausted by the end of my's good to be home.

Who knew I would ever consider San Antonio home? At first I felt like an outsider observing all the Texans (and their pride) like an anthropologist.  Occasionally reporting back some of the nuances of their culture- but now I am smack dab in the middle of it....I love being a Texan. 


  1. Life is an adventure, live while you are where you are - you may never have the opportunity to come back to that place. Love the journey you are on - experience everything fully!

  2. I want to grow up and become a Dr. like are so wise. I always appreciate your insight! **Big Hug**