Sunday, July 25, 2010

Having fun with Lacey-Lou

My little sis Lacey is in town and we've been up to no good.  Just kidding.  Really, we've been having fun...we saw the Spazmatics at Scout Bar, ate a Texas sized cinnamon roll (featured on Man Vs Food), went swimming, had a crazy fun board game night (Scrabble SLAM and Cranium were our favorites), and today we went to food heaven.
Food heaven? You may be wondering what that is, well, its the moment of complete bliss when your taste buds, brain, and stomach are in perfect harmony.  Our day started with brunch at CoCo's Chocolate Bistro and Lounge where we ate creamy goat cheese, chocolate croissants, homemade marshmallows, miniature raspberry tarts, and custom crepes (with fresh chocolate whipped cream to die for).  After such an intense morning we headed out to Austin and hung out on South Congress Ave looking at the all the fun shops and I fell in love with Sarah Stollak's World on a String necklaces (so cute!!!).  We had to stop at Hey Cupcake! because Lacey had read about it on my blog and wanted to have the experience for herself (she selected the Michael Jackson to eat.)  While shopping the bottom fell out of the sky and we were in a torrential downpour.  But even though Lacey and April were soaking wet (drowned rats, really)...our food heaven continued when we landed at Salt Lick for dinner and had some taste bud tingling Texas barbeque. MmmmMmmm, good.

More pictures to follow soon....more adventures are ahead...


  1. definitely food heaven today!!

  2. Sounds divine! Is there any way to teleport that cinnamon roll to Santa Barbara, say, tomorrow morning?? That is one awesome looking bun! ;)