Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Keep Austin Weird

This past weekend I hung out in Austin and had a blast! Saturday morning was filled with a swim meet in south Austin where both Alexis and Jaeden won ribbons for being first in their heat. Then we headed to the State Capitol, which of course had a sculpture added to its dome so it could be the tallest capitol building by about 15 feet, and its gorgeous! It was also hot, humid and icky outside so the free a/c was awesome! A little later we went to HeyCupcake! (which was yummy!) but it was so hot outside that we took them back to April's apartment and put them in fridge for 15 minutes cause the frosting was melting, and who wants melted frosting? An interesting side note is that HeyCupcake is apart of this amazing and unique Austin food eating venue found all over the city in trailers or carts. They are immensely popular, an excellent bargain/value, a good way to support the local economy and they have fun catchy names like Kebabalicious. (Which I want to visit on my next trip to Austin...)
We also ventured to the Congress Ave Bridge in downtown to see the 1.5 million Mexican free tail bats depart nightly in a free show of sorts. We got there a little before the sun went down and waited and waited and waited....then a host of performers were doing a ballet of sorts on the side of the Hilton with ropes and harnesses, it was quite entertaining....then we continued to wait and wait...but no bats came out! OK, thats not 100% true, we saw a few come out here and therer, but I guarantee that 1.48 million of those bats were too hot to come out.
So sad...

Sunday brought a new host of adventures as we went to Hamilton Pool Preserve and it was breathtakingly beautiful. I also got to fulfill one of many lifelong dreams...seeing the backside of a waterfall. Alas, we could not swim in the pool because the bacteria levels were too high (too much bird poop from the local warblers- birds are icky). So we hiked, in our flip flops .6 miles to the Pedernales River and jumped in. It was humid and we were all sweating buckets- so much so that we looked like we had already swam before we ever got in, but there was definitely a sense of relief when we were all able to cool off.


  1. I would have been so HAPPY that those millions of bats were too hot to come out! Eek! xoxo

  2. HA! I know it...flapping of wings, birds or otherwise is never a fun experience. I was planning on the bats to be far away when they flew out.