Sunday, May 30, 2010

Post Pedicure

Yesterday I had the opportunity to have a pedicure with my best friend April and my step daughter Lexi. (Had to make toes pretty so I can stomp around in my Texalicious flip-flops!!!)Lexi is 10 and has had pedicures before...I think my first pedicure was in college around age 20! I explained that this was special treat (she rocked on her 4th grade TAKS test and finished second in a local music listening competition at her school, we are so proud of her)...while we were sitting in the cocoon of massage chair I was thinking about some of my favorite moments that involve pedicures:
* Jenny Mac almost kicking the technician because the pumice bar was tickling so much (that happened more than once)
* Taking the "Sarge" in for her first pedicure after camping on the beach during spring break
* Going in a nail shop with my step dad (he's so manly he used to cut off his callouses with a knife- OUCH!)
* And of course the many special days when a group of my sorority sisters would go and all get the same polish- in solidarity, of course...
One of my personal memorable moments happened when I was at the U of R and went on a solidarity pedicure run to a nail shop in our neighboring city of Yucaipa. My nail technician didn't speak very much English but when the polish was done she asked me, "You want wax? Leg need." I was in surprised she said that, though I did have a little leg stubble. I graciously smiled and said, "No." The technician then slapped my legs twice and said, "Next time you shave, OK?" My ego was bruised, my sorority sisters shocked.

Anyone else have a pedicure story or memory they want to share?

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