Saturday, June 12, 2010

Baking Bonanza

As of late I have a little extra time on my hands and I must be channeling my inner baking elf (a la E.L. Fudge)- amazing what happens when you quit your job! Yum! Its an excellent way to invest my time because when I am done I have something delicious to sink my teeth into. Over the past week I have made bagels, tortillas, blueberry muffins, chocolate cookies, and watermelon cookies.

I got the recipe and inspiration for making bagels from Amy Carol's crafty blog The Angry Chicken (which is one of my favorite blogs, check it out!!! and by the way her book Bend the Rules Sewing is AMAZING! I checked it out from the library and can't wait to get sewing lessons from my mom while I'm vacationing in California) The bagels were so good my husband has asked me to make more this week! And I made the watermelon cookies for a Pre-K Graduation celebration with my former goal was to make the cutest dessert there. I think they are adorable, so....I win!!!!

Grammy is making homemade creme puffs when I visit... I hope she'll teach me...


  1. I was lucky enough to try almost everything you made this week and I have to say...yummy!! The bagels and tortillas were delicious but I would have to say the watermelon cookies are my favorite!! The idea sounded a bit odd but WOW they are so amazing! It's definitley a party in your mouth!!

  2. Mmmm, baking and cooking are two of my favorite "extra time" past-times! :) Glad you're taking some time to indulge and enjoy some goodies!!

  3. I am proud to say I figured out the secret ingredient!


  4. The secret ingredient is LOVE, of course....