Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Humid Houston

Last summer I had a terrible time adjusting to the humidity of San Antonio, and my dear sweet husband said if I didn't stop complaining he was taking me to Houston. Since Houston is coastal the humidity is worse there than in the Alamo City. He never took me on the road trip last summer, but when I arrived in Houston today. I immediately understood what he meant about the humidity! Its kinda gross...but the icky sticky hot weather is bearable...The reason I would endure such insane weather is.....cause sometimes when you don't actually see a person in two years its hard to believe they are real. Even when you talk to them on the phone all the time, its not the same as being able to laugh and be there in person. As so many of favorite people are spread out across the world I have this sensation quite often. So, I am lucky enough to have the wonderful Wendy here in Texas right now! So I hightailed it out of San Antonio and went to Houston so we could hug and hang out a bit. She's here for work, but why not play a little too! She's coming to Austin and San Antonio this weekend, but alas I will be heading to California. We are literally going to be arriving and departing at the same airport at the same time! Coincidences can be little gifts of time...we ended up having dinner inside the airport together at Las Palapas and had sopapillas, which are muy deliciousa! Honey, cinnamon, and fried tortillas- YUM!


  1. i need to try sopapillas...they sound awesome!!

  2. Count me in on the sopapillas - my favorite! Oh yes, so are you guys - hug from me too!

  3. Even though it was a short visit, it was SO worth it. Miss you already!