Sunday, May 2, 2010


So there are three absolutely fabulous books written by Victoria & Elizabeth Kann: Pinkalicious, Purplicious, and Goldilicious. Basically everything in the little girl's world is the color in the title. Well living here in San Antonio, Texas everything is Texalicious....BIG, BOLD, PROUDI bought some Texalicious accessories this weekend at the adorable "Bless Your Heart" Boutique in Bracken- Yellow Box flip flops, huge silver earrings. But the shape of the state and Texas flag still stick out to me. When I am grocery shopping I see cheese shaped like Texas, crackers, tortilla chips, even coffee has city names like Houston, Dallas, or San Antonio blends! Its crazy, but I LOVE Texas! When I come back to California for a visit this summer I am going to wear a tshirt that states: It's a Texas thing. Ya'll wouldn't understand!

In some ways it so true. This is one place that's out of control proud and I love being Texalicious!

Below is a picture of a flip flop that is made by Yellow Box. Note the outrageous use of rhinestones and the height of the sole. I think my shoes (not pictured) make me a good 2 inches taller:


  1. Wow!! Those flip-flops are SO sparkly! I can't wait to see your Texalicious outfit!!

  2. It's fabulous! Let's play dress up this weekend!