Saturday, April 17, 2010

Another Reason for Texans to Party- FIESTA!!!!

Last year when FIESTA came around in San Antonio I was confused....what was Fiesta? Everyone talked about it but no one explained it to me. I refused to be foiled again this year so I did a little research: the tradition began in San Antonio in 1890 as a parade to commemorate those fallen at the Battle of San Jacinto this event is called the Battle of the Flowers. Fiesta has taken place every year except for 1918 during World War I and 1942 through 1945. Fiesta still includes the historic parade and about 100 other events which help raise money for worthy causes.

Today I was introduced to the world of Fiesta by going to the event: A Taste of New Orleans at the Sunken Gardens in Brackenridge Park. There was live Zydeco band, food booths- and fun!!! The lead singer of the band was a DIVA, pouring water all over herself, dancing in the crowds and having a helluva good time!

April and I also tasted fried alligator covered in Louisiana hot sauce. (No joke- it tasted like chicken, just chewier)Also note if you look closely on my shirt, I am blinging out my first Fiesta medal. Every event has its own medal and you collect them, wear them on a sash and flaunt what events you have frequented. I'm thinking I should make my sash look like the Texas flag. First I need to collect a few more medals though...

At the end of the day- FIESTA is simply another reason for damn proud Texans to PARTY

Check out this link to the official Fiesta website:

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