Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Ode to HEB- Part 1

Oh how I love HEB...its my local grocery store and I LOVE IT!!! It is fantastic and offers a wide variety of items from organic to full of fat. They are also big believers about eating locally and feature items that are made in Texas for Texans (sponsored by the Texas Department of Agriculture). Today I went to Central Market, the granola/yuppie version of the regular HEB/ HEB Plus and went to sample heaven (c'mon you know what sample heaven is, think of COSTCO samples on a Saturday- you go in hungry and graze on little samples....) I had melt in mouth marinated feta, cinnamon croissant, and fresh green salsa from Wrights of Texas. (So good we bought some!) The nice lady who makes it, Mrs. Peggy Wright, was at HEB handing out samples of her delicious salsa and I couldn't help but adore her apron and undying pride for the great state of Texas....and really what better way to eat your taste bud tingling salsa verde (I like the medium flavor) than with Texas shaped gotta love the pride!!!
Oh, yes...and salsa can be a little spicy so you may need to wash down your chips and salsa with a little tea....

Texas Tea! Note the use of the shape of Texas, the state flag and the name of the state is in the product name!!!! I truly love being in Texas! What other state shares our state of mind?


  1. You know...HEB is the only grocery store I know that is crowded every hour that they are open!! It must be the Texalicious branding!!

  2. You are right!!! It's all about being Texalicious!