Sunday, May 16, 2010

Frito Pies

So I grew up having fritos with chili and cheese smothered on top. This delectable treat was known as "pepper bellies." My whole life (well until about 2 years ago)....I thought that everyone called them the same thing, but alas a Texan entered my life and called them Frito Pies. I maintained that they were called pepper bellies until yesterday when I was at my beloved HEB grocery store and they were handing out samples (oh the glorious samples) and Steve asked what I was eating and I said, gasp, Frito Pie! Am I becoming a Texan?

Did anyone else grow up calling them Pepper Bellies? or is my family's random names for things getting the best of me and my vocabulary again....because in my family its called a drishla when the rest of the world uses the word colander?!?!

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