Saturday, January 10, 2009

Will work for money!!!! of yesterday I have a job. This is good news- it means I will make money! I am sad however, because now I have a job. Such a catch-22.

I am not working as a spa- tester (so sad). I am working at a private preschool academy. It's a 8-5 kinda job and you don't get vacation til you've been there a year! The great side is that I work with four to five year olds and they are cute as a button. Yesterday was exhausting though, and I only worked 3 hours! All 20 of them wanted to talk to me and tell me their life story- at the same time.

I am still working on getting published- if any of my projects are successful I'll let ya'll know!!! By gawd- I tell you what.

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  1. I LOVE that age group! You're going to be perfect for this position, I'm so proud of you!!