Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Wedding Ring Mystery

Guess what I did today? I searched for a wedding ring. Nope, not mine. I went to a complete stranger's house with my husband and we looked for the strangers lost wedding ring. (The guy lost his ring while playing fetch with his pooch three days ago.) How did we find out the wedding ring search? Craig's List.

We were not the only ones there. There were 15 other people searching too. Some people were smart and way more high-tech than us and brought metal detectors. The back yard was covered in 'land mines' that the pooch left. So searching was a multi-sensory adventure. And in case your wondering our tennis shoes are residing on the back porch now (stinky!).

Why spend an hour on a Sunday afternoon at a stranger's house? A $250 REWARD!!! Cha-ching! Alas, our efforts of scanning the backyard only yielded 51cents, 2 nails, and a silver charm for a bracelet. One of the guys that had a metal detector scanned the dog and it beeped. Something tells me the guys needs to do a poop check. He was actually calling a vet to price check an x-ray to confirm the whereabouts of his missing wedding band. Case solved.


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  2. of course the dog ate it! haha!! how interesting to have other people do your dirty work...but i love love that you joined in the search! awesome!!