Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dream Job

Oh the (un)glorious job hunt! It can be frustrating and demoralizing, but it is what it is- and I need to make some money! So the hunt is on...

With all of my spare time, I have really put a lot of thought into the career I want to pursue- my only fear is that my dream job does not exist. I have actually created a job description for my dream job that I would like to share with you:

Job title: Spa Critic

* Go to a new spa 3 days a week and try each spa's best service, then write a honest review & description of each service to be published in a nationally published magazine, that has the potential of going international
* Spa location is to be established by critic- leave no spas unreviewed
* Travel will be required (Hello, there are spas all over the world!)
* Good driving record required
Salary: $45,000 a year

After writing the job description however, I realized that my experiences would be rather elitist. You know like on the Travel Channel, they show you all the cool behind the scenes stuff that no one is actually going to see unless you have a film crew accompanying you. Who on earth gets to go the spa three days a week? So I decided to make a few adjustments (ooh, that shows I am both flexible and adaptive- I should add those words to resume) to my dream job, so now the job description looks like this:

Job title: Host of How to feel like a Rockstar (on a Normal Person's salary)

* Seek out reasonable ways to experience luxury on a budget
* The host will not receive special treatment, such as a behind the scenes tour- unless- said behind the scenes tour could be secured by an average Joe
* Share knowledge and witty banter with TV audience
* Travel is required, as people who want to feel like rockstars, but don't make an excessive amount of money are everywhere
* Luxurious yet reasonale aims to feel like a rockstar include, but are not limited to: dining experiences, hotel and travel arrangements, spa, theater and concerts
* Other duties as assigned
Please note: To ensure that there is no bias of film crew presence, host will only be permitted small entourage of 3 people: video, sound, make-up/hair
Salary: $60,000 a year

I think the TV show might have a chance.

But I am not holding my breath, so I better sign off and look for another job...


  1. i seriously want a make-up/hair person! seriously!

  2. i would totally watch your rockstar show! xx