Saturday, August 22, 2009

Smells like....

Oh the smell of fresh school supplies...I am literally addicted to the scent of a crayon box and a box of scotch tape. I know I am a nerd, but I can't help it.

You know what else I love the smell of....
playdough, windex, rain, Irish Spring soap, cinnamon rolls baking, ripe strawberries, apple pie, coffee, camp fires, oranges being peeled, Bass Lake.

Smells I abhor...
cat pee (especially on my purse), burnt food, throw up, broccoli cooking (but I think it tastes good), fish

Hmmm, thinking about gross smells makes me feel icky. Let's go to my happy place...hmmm, thinking about school supplies, back to school clothes, starting a new school year. Ok, I'm feeling better now. The world is a good place.


  1. haha! becomming a little like your mom...what is that smell!? can you smell that!?!

  2. I love all the smells you said you liked, with the exception of windex...well, it's not a bad smell per say just not one I'd immediately think of when I was making a list of pleasant smells. I'd add freshly cut grass, baby, and Jason but I don't expect you'd have that one on your list! haha