Friday, December 12, 2008

Texas...Not simply a state; it's a state of mind!!!

I am officially a Texas resident now (I even have the driver's license to prove it), but let me say- Texas is a state of mind!!! There are little things that make me smile everywhere I look...for example, the flag, the outline of the state, and the infamous star are everywhere! Literally! Tables, benches, cookies, candles! You see it in restaraunts, grocery stores, specialty stores, gas stations- everywhere. When I am listening to the radio, the DJ doesn't simply say, "It's three o'clock." Oh no, they say, "It's three o'clock in Texas." Wouldn't you know it, they have their own way to tell time!

There are also several quips commonly associated with Texans (also popularized by the TV show King of the Hill), and I naively thought that it was stereotyped- but by Gawd, I'll tell you what. (By the way, no one ever tells you what....I'll tell you what is the end of the story, not the beginning)

Texas is a place of new adventures, and though I miss California (really my friends and family are what I miss)...there's no place like home. And for those of you who are concerned- I don't have Texas big hair- yet!


  1. yay for a barbee blog! can wait for pictures of the texas big hair...because it is inevitable right!?! i love you!

  2. Thanks for your blog and for keeping us updated on your new life. We miss our evening debriefings on life/school. Have a wonderful Christmas holiday season.