Monday, April 11, 2011

Busy Blurr

Hmmm. you know how it is when life gets so insanely busy that you forget to breathe and the world around you gets blurry (possibly due to a lack of oxygen?) ...well, that busy blur running around is me, but at the end of the day I question what I have accomplished. Let me do a quick recap of motion leading to the blurr....

Steve & I at the B&B
I made it to Fredericksburg 3 weeks ago and had an amazing 3rd anniversary and went to the wedding of my dear friend Lesley at the Hoffman Haus.  Her wedding was beautiful and sweet (just like her!) with lovely, personal touches.  There were "Oh Happy Day" pennants on all the guests seats and we waved them as they walked back up the aisle as the song by the same name was sung- precious! Steve and I stayed at a B&B, the Magnolia House, it was wonderful. The owners were delightful, the rooms quaint and comfy, and the food was scrumptious (homemade cherry scones and fresh berries with mocha creme, um, yes please!) If you are looking for accommodations in Fredericksburg, I highly recommend them.

Two weeks ago I went to Reno to see the bride-to-be Wendy and her wonderful fiancĂ©e Mike.  I had a relaxing and fun weekend that included cake, cupcakes, Del Taco, soft serve yogurt, sushi and a massage (not in that order!) I also got to check out the venue for her big day and was delighted to just hang out and be with my dear friend.

When I got back from Reno, which is a story in and of itself (12 hours worth of a story that I won't bore you with)....I had an amazing surprise.  Melissa Nam was in Texas. She (and her good friend Jess) surprised me at work on Tuesday afternoon, then we got to hang out for a couple hours and take em on a tour of the house.  Ah, it was awesome, really.

This past weekend I went on a 6 mile bike ride from my house to April's apartment.  Crazy, I know.  Even crazier, Steve made a round trip...he brought the truck over to A's to retrieve me and my bike.  And now a new week begins.... Oh yes, and I used a jackhammer and pulled a muscle.  And joined the Y....Zumba and Yoga are cool :)


  1. It was SO fun to surprise you!! I am thankful and a bit amazed that everyone kept the secret! :) Thank you for sharing your beautiful new home with us and I so wish I lived closer so we could visit all the time. Have fun at the Y and boo for your pulled muscle! xoxo

  2. Oh, hi! I was in your post, how exciting! :) Cute pic of you and your husband, by the way. I hope we get to hang out again, and soon!