Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cake Balls and Marshmallows and Truffles, Oh My!!!

I took a break from working on the house today. I have been pretty exhausted from going to work and then working on the I hung out with my bestest friend and it was a little slice of heaven. We went out to breakfast, went shopping at Target and Kohls.  Found fabulous pedicures....and then a cooking class!!! We learned how to make cake balls, from scratch marshmallows and chocolate truffles.  The class was offered through our local school district's community education classes.  It was informative and fun...the teacher's name was Karen from The Accommodating Cook.  She was awesome and made cooking from scratch very simple, very fun....VERY TASTY!!! Cake balls were my favorite and  I can't wait to get moved into the house and start making some delicious sweet treats, any taste testers out there?
This picture is from a food trailer in South Austin called Holy Cacao...I want to go there.  Their treats look AMAZING!


  1. ummm, I am totally 100% dedicated to being a taste testers for those cake balls. They look amazingly good. My mouth is watering!!

  2. I made cake balls once! They were so awesome and so easy! It would be a lot of fun to experiment with cake colors and chocolate coating decorations. There are whole blogs devoted to cake balls and what people do with them, lol, fun times.