Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mums the Word

So yesterday my dear, sweet husband thought I was crazy because I didn't know what a mum is....I know what a mum is, it's a flower....but oh no, let Texas get a hold of it and a mum is no longer a flower it's a GIANT corsage. I was in awe really when I saw the life that homecoming mums take on...I guess everything is BIGGER in Texas.
I was so stricken by the whole mum phenomenon that I did a little research...
Homecoming mums are a Texas tradition that was begun in the 1920s. They used to be made out of real Chrysanthemum Flower with a few ribbons and were given to boyfriends and girlfriends. In the 1960s, the homecoming mums began being made out of silk flowers so that additional items could be added that signify what activities the students were involved in. The Homecoming mums have become a huge tradition in Texas and many girls keep the Homecoming mums and hang them on their walls to remember the year.

Mums & garters (for boys) are also used to express how much you like someone...the bigger the mum the more you like the person- there are single, double, and triple mums. Its interesting to point out that mums have become so BIG...that they have to be hung around some girl's necks!!!! Ridiculous and crazy? Yes...Do I wish I had one?...Kinda.

By the way, the mums and garters are only worn to school the day of the big homecoming game and to the football game. These monstrous decors are not worn to the homecoming dance, because that would just be ridiculous.

Check out a few links or do a google search...mums are real...they're out there...

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  1. okay, it is now time to come home. maybe if you click your heals together???
    write more often - I love your take on life.
    mom #2 love you both - Karen