Sunday, August 7, 2011

La, la, la.....its August!!!!! (already!!!!!!!)

Me and the hubs at the wedding reception :)
I have been in lala land (not LA, but really- where have I been?).....I was having a blast with the Schertz Public Library's Summer Reading Club (until mid-July)....then I went to Tahoe for a week and had a blast soaking up the cool weather (so nice, so not San Antonio- no humidity, not 100 million degrees) and being in Wendy's wedding.  Then we stuck around Tahoe and had a little fun (hiking, boat ride, roulette).  Very fun, but exhausting to tell you the truth.  We got home on Thursday morning (a little after midnight), then returned to the airport at 3am (oh how I love April Toman), and then got up on Thursday morning to get the kids and puppy.  Back to school shopping. Canyon Lake. Fishing. Swimming. Day at the pool. Oil Change. Staying up late to watch a movie. Big Breakfast. Church. Training.  Home at last....ate cereal for dinner.  Now I begin to understand the wisdom of my ma, "I need a vacation from my vacation." I'm tired, I go to work tomorrow (not before a dentist appointment), and my sis is coming on Wednesday! I see coffee in my future <3....anyone else having a busy summer? August is almost over, any plans to capture the fleeting moments of summer?


  1. sounds like such a fun summer :) I can't believe it is almost over!

  2. Me too...when you are busy time flies!!! Hope your summer has been fun